Improve Digestion – Natural Ayurveda Tips, Home Remedies

Improve Digestion - Natural Ayurveda Tips, Home Remedies
Written by Supriya Gujari

Improve Digestion – Natural Ayurveda Tips, Home Remedies:-

Now, these days most of the persons facing digestion issues. Today here I will show you how to improve digestion naturally using Ayurveda and some home remedies.

Our Body Made by joining different Parts Of Organs. Every Parts Of our Organ Must Works as there Expected Function. Our Body has Following Systems that must Work Successfully. Furthermore,
1. Nervous System: – It is related to Brain.
2 Digestion: – It Is Related to Overall Metabolic Reactions in our body. It means it is the result of all processes in your body Working Together to create Energy that keeps you going. If Metabolic Reaction is not Functioning as expected, It is Considered that something is Going to Wrong in our body (Food Poisoning). It means there is metabolic Problem in our Body. Results into Some Diff. Types of Diseases i.e. Diarrhea, Dysenteries.

Images of Body.
Hence, to avoid these Digestive Disorders such as Constipation, Diarrhea, Heartburn or gas Problem, We must eat Good Quality of Foods Daily, which is necessary for the maintenance of Life. Following tips is very important for Keeping Better Digestive Health.

Digestion Starts from Mouth, once you start chewing and breaking the food down into pieces small enough to be digested, other mechanisms come into play.
“Ayurveda “is also Shows Important Role for Better Digestion.

The importance of Ayurveda to improve Digestion:-

1. Ayurveda such as “Trifala Churn “is the best Way for Digestion. Also, It Prevents Constipation Problem.
2. The Digestion Can be linked to the Roots of a plant. The root receives all the Nutrients necessary for digestion.
3. Ayurveda prevents one of the most important part, i.e. “Acidity”.
4. Weak digestive means weak metabolism in the body. This means the digestive system is partially incapable of breaking down food into its most subtle essence. This unfinished digestion creates impurities or toxins. In Ayurveda, it is recognized as aama. The weak digestive system results in the creation of aama.

Images of trifala Churn
5. According to Ayurveda, our regular food grains in stomach converts into Energy. This is done by a process. It is called as “AGNI” in Ayurveda. Or you can call it as digestive fire.
6. “AGNI”: long time- Agni Means ‘Fire’. According To Ayurveda, It is responsible For Digestive System. It Transforms Food into Energy. Regulates Temperature. Improves Digestive system.

Ayurvedic Medicine to Improve Digestion:-

1. Green Tea: – It is the best Medicine for Better Digestion. It does not show any side Effect. If we Drink it Daily, it prevents Acidity Problem.
2. Ginger: – If Digestion is Poor. Or we suffering From Nausea, as well as vomiting. It is better to take a Zinger for Healthy Digestion. Chew a long time. Take a piece of Zinger with One tablespoon of Honey. And, it will Prevent Vomiting Problem.

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3. Lemon: – If we take a heavy meal, then add one Piece of Lemon in one Glass of water, and mix it with One Pinch of Salt. And Take It Daily After Every Meal. It will help to improve Digestion. As well as Prevents Constipation Problem.
4. Cloves: – Removes gas from the stomach. Solves indigestion Problems. Taking 1-2 cloves directly or clove oil solves stomach irritability.
5. Buttermilk: – Digest easier than milk. Good source of lactic acid. Helps to improve digestion.

Best Foods for Digestion Problems:-

1. Beetroot: – Beetroot is excellent for Digestive Problem. Like Constipation. All the nutrients present in beetroots help to maintain a healthy Digestive System.
2. Apple: – The Word Says “One Apple in a day keeps the Doctor away”.it helps to improve Digestion. If we eat daily one piece of Apple After every Meal, it will not happen Digestion Problem.
3. Bananas: – It Helps For Good Digestion. If we are suffering from Diarrhea, It helps to restore the amount of Electrolytes and Potassium that are lost During the Diarrhea.

Following are Most Important Tips for Healthy Digestion:-

1. Eat a High Fiber Diet, Consuming Diet that is high in Fiber and rich in whole Grain, Vegetables, Legumes, and Fruits can improve your Digestive Health.
2. You must Eat Daily Good Quality of Food.
3. Avoid Junk Food.
4. Drink Only Filtered Water as well as Clean Water.
5. You Must Eat Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch and Snacks around the Same Time Each Day.
6. Do Exercise Daily.
7. Skip Bad Habits, Such as Alcohol, as well as Smoking.
8. Limit Foods that are high in Fat.
9. Avoid Excessive Drink of Coffee as well as Tea.
10. Drink plenty of water (500 liters) daily.
11. Do not watch TV at the time of Meal.
12. A vegetarian diet supports digestion because it is more easily broken.
13. Avoid Foods which are Processed and Frozen. They have higher levels of Sugar and well as High Content of Cholesterol.

Try to follow all these above things. Hence, You will get better and Happy Life to Survive. And, It will not Cause any of Viral Diseases.Also, protects from Bacterial Diseases.

Improve Digestion - home remedies, health tips by yoga

Exercises and “YOGA”, is very important for our Health. Do Daily YOGA at morning time. So that YOGA will solve Metabolic Problem.

It is one of the Better Solution for Healthy Digestion. Following are the Benefits of YOGA for Healthy Digestion. Yoga removes toxins from the body leading to a Healthy Digestive System. Therefore,
1. Yoga Exercises with Rhythmic Breathing. Breathing process removes toxic materials of the body which made of unhealthy foods, lifestyle & regular stresses.
2. A body that remains alerted and active.
3. Strong bones and Muscle.
4. Fat Reduction.
5. Improves Appetite.
Perform Yoga regularly. As a result, you will experience improvement in digestion. So my advice to keep it in your routine work.

Yoga Asanas for Better Digestion:-

1. Trikonasana: -It Improves Digestion, Stimulates Appetite.
2. Paschimottanasana: -Relieves Digestive Problem Like Constipation.
3. Pawanmuktasana: -Improves Gastrointestinal Problems.
4. Kapalbhati (Pranayama): – It helps to Improve Digestive System. It will cure your Stomach Disorder, Acidity.
5. Vajrasana: – It is Simple Yoga. Practice it for 10-15 mins. It is one of the best yoga poses for Constipation and indigestion. Which can be done immediately after having your meal.
6. Dhanurasana: – Those suffering from digestion problems should practice dhanurasana for 3-4 minutes.
Images of Trikonasana Dhanurasana


Images of Vajrasana Kapalbhati


Benefits of Surya Namaskar to Improve Digestion:-

1. Surya Namaskar completes using twelve yoga Asanas. By closely looking these asanas you can say these asanas are mirror images of each other.
2. This will give you a feeling to make your body, mind, and inhalation more coordination.
3. It is more effective if executed in the morning. Also, It recharges your mind.
4. As a result, it will improve digestion system.

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